How to turn off find my iPhone

  • We will thoroughly explain to you how to turn off find my iPhone.For instance, if you want to sell the iPhone, donate, or any other reason, you want to turn off find my iPhone feature. Also, Apple always needs to turn off My iPhone feature to perform a factory reset.

What is Find My iPhone?

Find My iPhone is a built-on device tracking app that helps to locate and protect the iPhone, iPod touch, AirPods, App Watch, Mac, or iPad if the devices are lost or stolen. Tracking your iOS device is essential when it gets stolen or lost and works from anywhere in the world. But this feature has other benefits beyond tracking. Users can easily wipe their iOS device to protect the data.

  • Quickly locate any iOS device on the map
  • Use the Lost Mode to track and lock your device
  • Find your device by playing the sound (works best for nearby lost devices)
  • Protect the device with Activation Lock
  • Erase your data from an iOS device

Why is Keeping Find My iPhone Important?

  • The prime reason to keep on this feature is to protect your data. The Lost Mode is undoubtedly the most important reason of all. You can program the device with a 6-digit passcode to set up the Lost Mode. In case your device is misplaced, no one can use your phone when you activate the Lost Mode through iCloud.
  • You can also set up a phone number to reach the iPhone. Anyone who can find the phone can only dial the specific phone number. Also, there is an option to enter a message like your address to which the iPhone returned.
  • If the phone is lost and you have activated the Lost Mode through iCloud, you can track the device when it connected to the internet. Also, the Lost Mode will prevent it from functioning until you get your mobile back. Your debit and credit card information will be safe.

Why Turn Off Find My iPhone?

  • The prime reason everyone iPhone owner wants to turn off the Find My iPhone is when he/she is selling or giving it away. For instance, you may want to trade the older model to get a new one. In this case, you can’t track the phone as you are not the owner of the iPhone.
  • You can quickly turn off the feature using iCloud. The best thing is that you can also disable this mode on other iOS devices like Mac, Apple Watch, or AirPods. Once you have removed the device, you will not track on the Find My iPhone devices list. If you are using iPhone with version 7 or later on, then it will also turn off the Activation Lock option.

Find My iPhone Login

To use this app on, open iCloud/find, and log in with your Apple ID. Without the correct Apple ID and password, it is impossible to log in to your iCloud account. Make sure to remember or save your login details.

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone From an iPhone (Works on iPad too)

Before you disable Find My iPhone, you must know your Apple ID and Password. Remember, when you turn off this security feature, you will no longer be able to locate the phone. Here is how you can Turn Off My iPhone app.

  1. Tap the app settings.
  2. Tap on your name (at the top of the mobile screen).
  3. Now tap on the iCloud and then on Find My iPhone.
    1. To turn off this setting, tap on Find my iPhone.
    2. Now enter your Apple ID with a correct password.
      1. That’s it, and you have successfully turned off your Find My iPhone app.
      2. You can also remove your phone from the map.

      How to Turn Off Find My iPhone without iPhone

      The best method to turn off Find My iPhone without iPhone using your computer. All you need is log in to your account using iCloud. Here is how you can disable Find My iPhone.

      1. First of all, power off your mobile. It is crucial as your iOS device should not be online while performing this action. Remember, you can’t disable this safety feature when your device connected to the internet.
      2. Log in to your account on by entering your Apple ID and Password.
      3. Now click on Find My iPhone and click on the All Devices icon on the top of the screen.
      4. Choose the device you want to turn off.

      If you want to turn off Find My iPhone remotely, then move the cursor on your device and click on the X sign to remove the device from Find My iPhone.

      How to Play Sound with Find My iPhone

      If you know the iPhone is in your house or apartment, then it is straightforward to locate with Find My iPhone. You can play a sound with Find My iPhone to determine it. Here is how you can do this.

      1. Go to
      2. Click on the All Device and select your phone.
      3. Now press “Play Sound.”

      If your phone is online, Find My Phone alert will show up on the screen. The phone will vibrate first, and after a 5 seconds delay, the phone will play a clear sound. The sound will increase to its full volume and keep playing for about 2 minutes. You can manually shut off the music after finding your phone.

      How to Turn On Find My iPhone

      You can quickly turn on the Lost Mode using this iOS tracking feature if you know you have lost the iPhone somewhere other than your apartment.

      1. Go to the
      2. Click on the All Devices and select your iPhone from the Apple devices list.
      3. Click on the Lost Mode or Lock.
      4. You can track your device by following the on-screen instructions.


      There are many important reasons that every iPhone user should enable Find My iPhone. But getting rid of this feature is equally important when you want to move on from your current iPhone.Make sure to turn to Find My iPhone off when you sell or replace your device. Don’t forget to set up this outstanding feature as soon as you buy a new iPhone or any other iOS device.

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