How To Unlock iPhone 6


If you lose your iPhone 6 passwords or someone in the house types several times with the incorrect username and password, you’ll instead be shut out of your iPhone 6 and be unable to access it for the moment. If these events emerge the only reasonable thing to do is search for iPhone 6 passwords to decrypt.


Okay, there are quite a few methods for accessing iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or every other iPhone, but they differ in simplicity and performance.


In this article, we will look at four big forms of unlocking iPhone 6/6s with no passwords and also unlocking the iPhone 6 passcode without a device.


How to unlock iPhone 6 without a password by using the iPhone unlock tool?


How to unlock iPhone 6 username and password without iTunes is the first method we’ll look into. Okay, it’s no secret that iTunes is Apple’s legally released app and is often meant to be used to decrypt iPhone 6s. But this program may not be the best available, and maybe static for some users at times.


Dr.fone-Screen Unlock (iOS) helps you to access iPhone 6 without the use of a tedious apple passcode. Furthermore, dr.fone is the strongest toolbox app available on the market for both Android and iOS smartphone devices. It can be used among several other features to transfer files, turn between phones, and even recover lost or deleted files.


How to unlock iPhone 6 step by step, without passwords?


Step 1: Download dr.fone, and update it



  • You have to download dr.fone-Screen Unlock (iOS) to your Windows or Mac computer in the first place.


  • Tap on the downloaded file to update it on your personal computer after you have downloaded it on your device. To complete the installation follow the onscreen installation wizard instructions.


  • Start the app now, and press the “Unlock” button on the home screen


unlock iPhone 6 with iSkysoft toolbox


Step 2: Connect in with your iPhone 6


  • Use a beautifully working Apple’s USB lightning cable or other certified accessories store.


  • Connect your iPhone 6 into your device with the USB cord, and make sure it’s well connected.


  • Now press on the “Start” button that will show on the screen.


connect iphone 6 to computer



Step 3: iPhone 6 booted up to dfu mode


  • For dr.fone to gain access to its memory, Software, and firmware, the iPhone 6 must be in recovery mode or DFU. It will encourage the app to make adjustments to your phone and to delete the locked phone screen.


  • After clicking on the “Other Tools” link, obey the onscreen directions on the device to boot iPhone 6 into DFU mode


  • Click the Power button and the Home button on your iPhone 6. Keep keeping down these two buttons until it lights up your screen.


  • Now let go of the Power button while still holding onto your device’s Home button, and your iPhone 6 would be in DFU mode in a few seconds.


boot iphone 6 in dfu mode


Step 4: Verify details regarding the iPhone 6


  • When your computer is put in its DFU mode, dr.fone’s next screen will show some of your device’s details, such as the brand name, system model number, firmware, and OS update.


  • Only check to make sure this information is right if it is not accurate, as this information will be required to access the appropriate update kit to activate the iPhone 6s.


Step 5: Download firmware package.

  • Link your computer to a fast and secure Internet connection, ideally via Wi-Fi.


  • Now click the on-screen “Download” button to launch the installation process.


  • By clicking on the “Pick” button, you can also attach an already updated firmware, and then navigate to its position on your device disk.


Step 6: Start iPhone 6 unlocking


  • When the update is complete, click on the “Unlock Now” button displayed on the app page.


  • You will be prompted to enter a confirmation code to proceed, simply type “000000” as the confirmation code and then press the “Unlock” button


  • The software will start an unlock process on your device.


Once the unlock process is complete, your device would restart, unlocking its screen. On the screen, you’ll see a complete message to unlock. Only press the “Completed” button to end, or select the “Try Again” button if the unlock failed.


How Can We unlock iPhone 6  without a computer?


One of the ways to repair getting locked out of the iPhone 6 is by utilizing Apple’s Locate my iPhone functionality that is available on all Apple smartphones. This software was developed to curb the piracy problem on Apple devices and can be used to find a missing iPhone, lock the computer, or delete any of its content.

To disable iPhone 6 Plus or any other iPhone, we can tap on the delete button. Now obey the steps below to learn how to access passcode for iPhone 6 without a device.

Step 1: Sign in to My iPhone Find


Choose another iOS unit, and press the App Find My iPhone button.

Log in to the System using the Apple ID and password used on the unlockable computer.


Step 2: Select the unlocked device


You may need to click on “All Apps” after signing in, and then pick the name of your locked device.


Step 3: Erase All the Data of The System


Select the “Erase” option from finding my iPhone app, and click on it. This will erase all the data on that device remotely and will also disable the locked screen.



So, we hope you’d have some trouble accessing your computer now even though you’re locked out of the iPhone 6. You can use all of the methods like dr.fone, iTunes, Find my iPhone device, or even using Siri for a temporary period.


It’s amazing how technologies can teach us something new every day, isn’t it?


Frequently Asked Questions


Can We unlock iPhone 6s plus?


The iPhone 6S Plus has no unlocked code or any sequence kind. It is legally enabled on Apple servers, ensuring that the computer can stay enabled even after upgrading the code or having a factory reset. … When you don’t learn the network you should use the network finder iPhone 6S Plus.


Can We unlock iPhone 6s for free?


Officially activate the iPhone 6, 6S plus from network and Apple servers by whitelisting IMEI. With AT&T iPhone in specific, we will help you access it for FREE!!! … If the activation is complete, you just need to link it to a Wifi or iTunes network, your iPhone will instantly unlock!

How much does the activation of an iPhone 6s cost?


Generally, some third-party providers charge around $30 to access an iPhone. It might fluctuate a little, however, plan to pay right in there everywhere. Shop about if they query for even more than that, and see whether you can consider anyone cheaper.

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